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Tony Grant is a renowned Online & Digital Marketing professional, who can be contacted using +44 800 808 5567.
Tony is based in Lincoln, UK.

Tony’s online experience extends over three decades, and covers most all aspects of online and digital marketing.
Current projects include The CommonSenSEO Show on YouTube. This is a video show, broadcast on YouTube and Facebook, where he, and his co-host Henrik Blicker Hansen, discuss many topical issues around SEO and online marketing.
Tony Grant also practices his SEO art at CommonSenSEO, which is a brand division of the CommonSenseCo Ltd. a UK Registered Company.

You can also find Tony Grant on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Who is Tony Grant

Well, let’s not get too heavy here. Although I do want to say a few little bits about myself to set the scene, I really do not want to make a big thing out of something of little interest to most people.

After 6 years in the Military, I came out and got a job in Civil Engineering. There was nothing too glamorous about that, although the money was pretty amazing, and we did have some fun times as we moved from town to town.

In just 4 short years, I had reached Supervisor level. I was all set for a great career (and one I actually really enjoyed) when crap happened.

We were working in a village called Battle, which is near Hastings on the South Coast of England, when a sort of freak accident had me being rushed to hospital with blood gushing out of one eye.If the incident hadn’t been so serious, it could have been funny.There was me, along with four other tar-splattered men, driving through the East Sussex countryside, looking for a hospital, an ambulance or just anyone who looked like they might have had a bandage.

Move forward 18months and the right eye started to go out in sympathy with the blinded left eye.That was the start of a 4 year decline in my sight that left me not even seeingday or night.Now don’t get me wrong, I am not asking for any sympathy, and in many ways, I wasn’t even going to share the fact that I am blind with you.However, I guess it is a significant influencer in my story, so let’s move on.

Drifting Into Disability

The accident was bad enough, but what was worse was that it happened in the 1980s when the British Government were desperately trying to massage the unemployment figures by shoving people over onto disability pensions. No matter how I tried to fight the system, it just kicked me back down and told me to go home and be disabled. I still recall the words of the Disability Employment Advisor who stated that ‘People would give their right arm to be in your position’.

The only way I could see forward was to create my own self worth and career. So, in 1990, I retrained and then started my own business.

The business went through various guises as it developed but by the time we had reached the 21st Century, my business had come of age and I was now running a pretty successful enterprise.

Of course, it wasn’t all glory, but by 2006 I was living to a good lifestyle in a big house with big gardens and two young sons to make up the nuclear family picture.

Then came the second major life changing event. My wife of 16 years decided she was fed up with my blindness, and as there was little I could do about that, I was cast out into the world to find my own way.

Imagine it, I bought an apartment in the city centre. I moved in, but once everyone had left, it was three whole days before I figured out how to get out of the building and to the shops across the street.

I was actually more worried about how to get back in, than going out, but I needed food, and needs drive change.

so here I was, suddenly alone, with no one to hide behind, no one to ask for help, just me in a strange place, not knowing where the entrance lobby was and a desperate need to take responsibility for my situation.

Re-emerging into a whole new world

Fast forward again, and I have now become used to finding my own way around, in fact I have travelled to quite a few remote destinations all over the world, and all alone in the most part.

Those days of not being able to find my front door are pretty much behind me.

During those times though, I did discover a need to find a new happiness inside and a new focus for my life that suited my personal ambitions.

This is where the Internet came in and this did seem to provide me the ideal transportable lifestyle that I really wanted.

I sort of didn’t need money at that time. My business was still a success, and I had several streams of income coming in.

So, I meandered around the Internet, trying to find a way to make success find me.

Needless to say, because I had no direction, I could never get to my destination and a decline started to kick in.

I did the normal rounds of buying every shiny new object, 90% of which were never even opened or looked at. I immersed myself in the dream but I still didn’t have a script or a plot.

You could assert that dreams don’t have scripts or plots or even endings in most cases, which is true but the problem is when you are living in a dream, every now and again you wake up to face reality, and that isn’t so sweet a place when you have no direction.

So that’s pretty much my history in about as short a version that I can relate.

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