Don’t Go Chasing Butterflies

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I’ve been immersing myself into the concept of wealth dynamics.
It is an intriguing perspective on how wealth is established, yet money remains transient.
The reason I mention it here, is because I feel it is so clearly an influencing factor on our successes, or our failings.

An analogy was stated, that many people seeking money, are like those chasing butterflies with a net.
You will catch some, you will find momentary success, but then you must start all over again tomorrow.
Your net catches a butterfly, and then it either escapes or expires.
The benefit is transient, and you have not contributed to your wealth, you have just had a passing moment, merely a glance of what wealth might be.

Those seeking wealth, will not use a net to chase butterflies, they will build a garden.
The garden will attract butterflies each and every day.
If some fly away, others will arrive.
If some are caught by a net, more will come.

Truly sustainable wealth is not the quick wins of life, it is not catching one butterfly today, it is building the garden to bring you the butterflies each and every day.

Over my time in Online Marketing, I have been asked several times by newcomers, ‘where is the money’, ‘I need the money now’, and other such statements.
In many ways, there is little I can do to help. Although their blind desperation might lead to a quick win, tomorrow, they will be in need of another quick win.

So before you start desperately trying to catch butterflies, just take a step back, create your garden. Build it with the tools and assets you have at your disposal. Then, in time, the butterflies will arrive to reward your efforts.

Throw your net away, and instead, pick up your tools and start gardening!

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